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Attain your spiritual birthright of freedom, love, peace and joy

Transformative meditation techniques and timeless spiritual wisdom transmitted into our modern digital world

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The problems of the digital world 🌐 require spiritual solutions 🕉️

The ‘new normal’ in our technology driven 📱, materialistic world 🛍️ is making us feel anxious, disconnected, confused, and depressed…

Now more than ever, we’re seeing that material fulfillment 💵 doesn’t give lasting satisfaction 🤲, or bring us closer to realizing our highest potential…

Our planet 🌎 is on a new trajectory that requires meditative tools 🧘‍♂️ and spiritual wisdom 🕯️ to transform our minds, and create a more spiritually aligned way of being…
If you’re aware 👁️ of your soul’s ‘great calling’ 📢 and are seeking help on your journey 🙏, you’ve come to the right place…

Are you ready to begin your spiritual transformation? ❤️‍🔥

Hi, I'm Ryan 👋

I’m a meditation teacher and spiritual mentor. I personally guide people from all over the world on their journeys of spiritual transformation and growth.

My work transmits the timeless wisdom and transformative meditative practices of ancient spiritual traditions into our fast-paced digital world.

I make the ancient relatable and the esoteric accessible, bringing the power of tradition into the present day, helping people attain their spiritual birthright of freedom, love, peace and joy.

Spiritual solutions for our disconnected age



Create a meditation habit and learn powerful yogic practices to calm your mind, elevate your energy, and expand your consciousness



Develop a sadhana, a transformative life-practice based on living virtuously and realizing your highest spiritual potential



Transcend negative conditioning that keeps you in cycles of fear and suffering with liberating spiritual wisdom



Get personalized guidance and experienced support to pursue your purpose and navigate your life successfully

Who I help bring their light into the world

🕉️ Spiritual Seekers

With connection to two prominent spiritual traditions (Advaita Vedanta & Kriya Yoga) and thousands of hours of devoted practice, I personally support aspirants on their path from spiritual awakening to embodied transformation

❤️‍🔥 Inner Work & Psychotherapy Support

I help people doing inner work, shadow work and undergoing psychotherapy (Internal Family Systems, CBT, etc.) to develop a complimentary spiritual practice and support their journey through healing and beyond

🤸‍♂️ Athletes & Movement Practioners

Improve your performance and your life. Cultivate a wholistic life-practice by integrating meditation and spiritual techniques with your physical practices and unlock your highest potential

🪷 Addiction & Recovery

I help people in twelve step programs to deepen their connection to their Higher Power, transcend their limitations, and support them on their journey of recovery to a life of freedom and joy

✊ Leaders & Entrepreneurs

The outer revolution begins within. Step into your role as a spiritual leader by adopting a virtuous lifestyle that uses meditation and spirituality to serve the highest good 

Ways we can work together on your journey

⚡️ Liberated Life Mentoring Program

A one month program designed to help you establish a lifelong, transformative spiritual practice with a disciplined meditation habit. Includes follow-up sessions and continued support on your spiritual journey.

🤔 The Spiritual Awareness Assessment (Free Quiz)

Get an evaluation of your spiritual growth based on four essential spiritual virtues, and receive personalized guidance on how to awaken your spiritual potential. A useful free, self-reflection tool for those looking to deepen spiritually.

👨‍💻Online Courses


Coming soon… stay tuned.



Client transformations

Lily M.
Lily M.Copywriter & Content Strategist · Hobart, AU
Read More
Ryan helped me see myself as a Sadhaka, someone on a spiritual journey, and this shift in identity allowed me to become more consistent in my practice than I ever thought possible. Ryan's meditation classes and mentorship are a catalyst for personal growth. I can't recommend him enough – there is so much to be gained by working with him, no matter how much experience you have or where you are on your journey.
Katalin H.
Katalin H.Filmmaker · Vienna, AT
Read More
I never knew the changes would happen so fast. My work with Ryan has created dramatic shifts forward in my life. He's supported me through difficult moments of change and struggle and opened up more joy, peace, freedom and creativity in my life.
Richard U.Business Owner, Author · Sydney, AU
Read More
Working with Ryan on a regular basis has had a remarkable impact on my overall well-being and mental health. I'm a calmer person, more responsive, and less reactive. He is a natural teacher and I believe his work to be transformational.
Jeremy P.
Jeremy P.Chemical Engineer · New York, US
Read More
Ryan teaches with the conviction and skill of someone who has deeply tasted reality and not only knows how to guide a student to the same realization, but how to help them widen and deepen it, and integrate it into a healthy life in the world. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to see the best they can get out of both meditation and worldly life.
Zahir N.
Zahir N.Financial Analyst · London, UK
Read More
Ryan is a great listener and guide. He's understanding, relaxed and patient in his approach. He's very knowledgable and rooted in traditional understanding. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who is looking for guidance to deepen their meditation practice or spiritual path.
Maria Z.
Maria Z.Entrepreneur · New York, US
Read More
As a business owner, finding life balance can be a challenge, especially when it comes to spirituality. This is why I'm incredibly thankful I started working with Ryan and taking steps to reconnect with myself on a deeper level. Ryan is very empathetic, straightforward, and incredibly insightful. Having his support is invaluable.

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Freedom , Love, Peace & Joy Are Your Spiritual Birthright

If you’re like me, then your eyes are opened to the truth that the material world can never give you the lasting satisfaction you seek.

You understand that your highest potential lies beyond any worldly achievement and in realizing your spiritual truth.

If that sounds like you, then I’m here to personally support you on your journey of spiritual transformation and growth.

You have an incredible divine power within you, the light of your soul.

It’s my mission to help embody it and become a powerful force of good in your life and the world.

❤️‍🔥 Begin your journey of transformation now

Connect with me to see how I can help you on your journey to wholeness