🌌 19 Inspiring Reminders from the Other Side: The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences

Yesterday morning, a friend sent me a link with clips of people sharing their Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and I have to share it with you.

NDEs happen to people who’ve died and come back to life.

If you’re having a bad day or feeling worn down by life, I highly suggest you watch a few.

They’re short, but highly inspiring.

You can view the clips for yourself here.

The clips share snippets from interviews with survivors and the incredible insights they received while they were on the ‘Other Side’.

The Other Side is the place where people go when they die, call it Eternity, the afterlife, or heaven.

It’s a place of indescribable cosmic expansion, profound love, and all-pervasive peace.

I got sucked in and watched a bunch of clips, and even some of the whole interviews they were taken from.

Many of the stories and insights shared are incredible, well beyond reason or medical explanation.

One man froze to death while ice-climbing and miraculously came back to life after going on a cosmic journey.

Another woman died during a routine hospital scan gone wrong, and watched from above her body as the doctors scrambled to resuscitate her.

The doctors were stunned when she was able to recount the details of everything that had happened even though she was flatlined.

This one was my favorite interview.

It’s with the guy who froze to death.

It’s a highly moving and poetic sharing.

I really enjoyed his story, because at the end he describes how he’s used Kriya yoga and meditation as a means to connect to the divine realizations he had when he was on the ‘Other Side.’

All the survivors share the same realizations which are hallmarks of NDEs, mystical experiences, and spiritual awakenings.

They’re echoed perfectly in the truths found in all great spiritual teachings and ancient wisdom traditions of the world.

Here’s a list of 19 inspiring reminders shared from the ‘Other Side’ by people who’ve survived NDEs:

  1. You are not your body.

  2. Your body, mind and ego are a character you play through, not who you are.

  3. The body is a form of suffering when you identify with it.

  4. You do not die.

  5. You are an eternal soul.

  6. The soul’s nature is pure light, consciousness and love.

  7. Your soul speaks in a quiet, intuitive voice through silence and stillness.

  8. There is an afterlife where the veil of ignorance is removed, and your soul’s nature becomes clear.

  9. Eternity is the home of our soul–a place of incomprehensible love, wholeness, expansion, peace, and comfort.

  10. It’s our soul’s mission through life to learn and evolve in creative joy, and to embody our light in the world.

  11. We are pursuing our life’s purpose when we’re being true to ourself and our soul’s nature as love.

  12. There is a divine creator.

  13. The creator is love itself.

  14. The creator has cosmic intelligence beyond all comprehension.

  15. It creates universes upon universes with the power to love each and every form of its creation unconditionally.

  16. The creator and the universe are the same.

  17. Your soul and the creator are the same.

  18. There is no separation.

  19. Only unity and oneness.

Another thing the NDE survivors shared was how incredibly strong the conditioning of the human world is.

It’s so easy to get buried under ignorance and forget the spiritual truth at the core of life and the universe.

We need reminders, and we need practice to overcome this conditioning.

If we honestly take into account the truths shared from the ‘Other Side’, we’re forced to reevaluate the way we’re doing things collectively and individually.

It’s obvious that the foundations of modern life based on materialism are dead wrong.

Dead wrong.

I say dead wrong for a good reason.

Living a materialistic life is the real death, not our physical one.

The survivors of NDEs and awakened beings make it clear: there’s no death for our soul.

We die when we fail to live, not when our physical body dies.

We fail to live when we repress the light of our soul.

We’re on this planet to embody that light with the precious time we have here.

We’re here to work for that goal.

We do that by cutting through our conditioning to the bone of truth, and helping others on their journey in whatever way we can.

I say that materialism is dead wrong for another reason too.

Because as a belief system it’s literally dying.

People are starting to look for new ways of living based on the spiritual truth of who we truly are, and the work of discovering that for ourselves.

Although our outer work is important, when we understand that our inner work is the real purpose of our life, then the true meaning and depth of life is revealed.

Have you or anyone you’ve known had an NDE or mystical experience? Do you believe in life after death? Are you embodying the light of your soul? What’s one thing you can do today to honor your light?


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