🫶 Finding Connection In A Divided World

Greetings from the UK!

I’m here for a few weeks staying with my dear friend Nick and his beautiful family.

Nick was the best man at my wedding and we connect on a deep, spiritual level.

We first met in Thailand back in 2011, and taught English at the same school.

We instantly bonded through spirituality and the spiritual path.

After a year in Thailand, we both ended up in Abu Dhabi teaching together again at the same international school.

We’ve been on a lot of amazing adventures all over the world and had countless thought provoking and transformative discussions.

It’s rare to find people that we connect with in such deep ways.

When we find such a person, it’s like finding a precious gem on the road of life.

I’d say Nick knows me about as well as anyone in this world.

In that sense, we’re brothers–spiritual brothers sharing the path of life together.

To find friends or community, especially ones that you connect with on a deep level, is rare these days.

A missing sense of brotherhood, friendship and community is a glaring hole in the lives of many modern people.

Churches and religious traditions used to bind society together, bringing people from different socioeconomic conditions under one roof with a set of shared values.

Now, with materialism, consumerism and individualism, we’re slowly becoming more and more fractured.

We don’t agree on values, because we’ve forgotten the deeper spiritual nature of the world and ourselves.

The truth is that we’re all interconnected, interdependent and alive with the same divine life force and universal intelligence that guides all things.

When we turn away from this truth, we turn away from the reality that human experience, and all life, is founded upon.

In spiritual understanding we transcend the differences we have politically, economically, and ideologically to the essential truth of our nature as spiritual beings beyond the relative play of the world.

When we fail to see our interconnected spiritual nature, we become divided, and in dividing ourselves, humanity loses its collective power and purpose.

I truly believe its possible to live in a different world.

One where we feel connected rather than isolated, in harmony rather than in discord.

This vision may not be possible for the whole world, but at least for those aware enough to want to participate in it.

A world within a world, so to speak.

A sanctuary in this crazy place.

One where we can live and struggle through life as brothers and sisters, aligned with truth.

We don’t need to wait.

We can start finding that right now by connecting with spiritual communities, and making spiritual friends today:

🧘‍♂️ Follow your heart’s calling. What spiritual groups, practices or ideals most resonate with you? Immerse yourself there.

👥 Nurture kindred connections. Prioritize spending time with those who share your deepest spiritual values and world view.

💻 Leverage technology. Online spaces allow us to easily find and engage with global spiritual tribes.

👨‍🏫 Connect with a mentor or teacher. Find a mentor, teacher or guide who can join you on your path.

🌳 Join communities in-person. Get outside your comfort zone and connect with people in-person to make deeper connections.

I’ve been fortunate to find soul family through lifelong friends like Nick.

We can never have too much of a good thing when it comes to spiritual community and friendship.

As Ram Dass beautifully expressed, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

And the more friends and family we have along the journey, the better.

How do you fulfill your need for spiritual community? Do you view spiritual values as an important solution to the world’s problems? Do you have any special connections to friends or teachers that you’ve made in your life?


Hey, I’m Ryan 👋

I’m a meditation teacher and spiritual mentor. I’ve been a disciplined sadhaka for over 15 years, devotedly studying authentic spiritual traditions with enlightened teachers all over the world. Through my work, I translate the teachings of the lineages and traditions that I’ve studied into the digital age, helping people overcome suffering, achieve their potential, and connect to their spiritual truth. If you’re new here, make sure to take my Spiritual Awareness Assessment, or contact me with any questions you may have on your journey!

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