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Realize your freedom and embody your highest potential with timeless wisdom and transformative practices from ancient spiritual traditions, upgraded for our modern digital world.

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The world is full problems. While the problems appear new they are really old. Let’s tackle those problems together with mentoring and helping you achieve your best life. Learn how meditation and ancient spiritual teachings offer timeless solutions to the perplexing problems of modern life.

Hi, I'm Ryan 🙏

I’m a Hobart, Tasmania based meditation teacher and spiritual mentor. I help people apply the timeless knowledge and practices of spiritual traditions to transcend their limitations and transform their lives. 

I’ve worked closely with hundreds of people helping them to liberate their full potential by developing a meditation practice, cultivating wisdom, tapping into inner peace and joy, navigating their limitations and harmonizing with their true self.

I’m an authorized Advaita Soma Kriya Shakti (ASK) and Implosive Self-Inquiry (ISIP) mentor and meditation facilitator, as taught by my teacher of 12 years, Advaita Vedanta and Kriya Yoga master Rajivji Kapur. Translating and transmitting the transformative power of these timeless teachings to modern minds.


Awaken Your Potential with Mentoring

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Connect In-Person with Classes & Satsangs

I help people realize their potential through meditation and spiritual work. gdfgdfgddffff

Experience Transformative Workshops

I help people realize their potential through meditation and spiritual work.  sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf

“You're either working on your freedom or accepting your bondage.”

- Robert Adams


Katalin H.
Katalin H.Filmmaker · Vienna, AT
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I never knew the changes would happen so fast. My work with Ryan has created dramatic shifts forward in my life. He's supported me through difficult moments of change and struggle and opened up more joy, peace, freedom and creativity in my life.
Richard U.Business Owner, Author · Sydney, AU
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Working with Ryan on a regular basis has had a remarkable impact on my overall well-being and mental health. I'm a calmer person, more responsive, and less reactive. He is a natural teacher and I believe his work to be transformational.
Jeremy P.
Jeremy P.Chemical Engineer · New York, US
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Ryan teaches with the conviction and skill of someone who has deeply tasted reality and not only knows how to guide a student to the same realization, but how to help them widen and deepen it, and integrate it into a healthy life in the world. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to see the best they can get out of both meditation and worldly life.
Zahir N.
Zahir N.Financial Analyst · London, UK
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Ryan is a great listener and guide. He's understanding, relaxed and patient in his approach. He's very knowledgable and rooted in traditional understanding. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who is looking for guidance to deepen their meditation practice or spiritual path.
Maria Z.
Maria Z.Entrepreneur · New York, US
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As a business owner, finding life balance can be a challenge, especially when it comes to spirituality. This is why I'm incredibly thankful I started working with Ryan and taking steps to reconnect with myself on a deeper level. Ryan is very empathetic, straightforward, and incredibly insightful. Having his support is invaluable.