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🕉️ The Spiritual Awareness Assessment

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Get an evaluation of your spiritual growth based on four essential spiritual virtues, and receive personalized guidance on how to awaken your spiritual potential. A useful tool for those looking to deepen spiritually.

⚡️ Liberated Life Mentoring Program

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Transcend your limitations, awaken your divinity. Get support developing a transformative spiritual practice with the Liberated Life Mentoring Program. Get 1-to-1 personalized guidance to live a life aligned with purpose, love and wisdom.

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🍂 Spring/Autumn Online Meditation Classes (5-Weeks)

Every Wednesday • 6:30am AST • April 17th-May15

$99 USD (~$20 per class)

Over 5-weeks, you’ll develop a transformative meditation practice based on authentic spiritual teachings and the latest scientific research while connecting to a community of like-minded people. To register, send me a message using the form below.

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